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Vacuum Tray Dryers is engineered using mild steel components, standard pressure vessels and tabular steam coils. These dryers are equipped with built-in temperature, networking controllers, input and output chambers. The capacity of these vacuum tray dryers are 12 96 trays segregated into different shelves. Our products are known for their performance in drying various products.

Features :

  • Coated with Red Oxide Paint
  • Proper Heating
  • Adjustable Damper

Tray Dryer is an insulated container infused with a tray trolley and explosion proof door. The design of this dryer includes electric heater, fluid coils and moisture based fans. These air dryers are best for drying the trays and are customized in different capacities through pressure vessels. These tray dryers are used for industries like pharmaceutical, chemicals, drugs, pesticides, allied and food products

Features :
  • Temperature Control
  • Automatic Control Panel
  • Air Circulation

      Pharma Furniture is a huge equipment devised to place all the pharmaceuticals safely. This furniture plays a major role in keeping the pharma products away from being exposed to the outside environment. This is to reduce the reactions with air and safeguard the drugs manufactured. Many clients order with us for providing pharma furniture of different dimensions and racks so as to store various equipments and pharmaceuticals.

      Features :
        • Chambered with proper insulation
        • Reliable with varied temperatures
        • Movable

                We provide various services for mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel metal works that serve industries. Mostly these works are rendered for laboratories, pharmaceutical firms, etc. With the support of experts, we handle all the metal works that have to be done at the clients place. Strengthened with latest tools, all the works of sheet metal are processed effectively within a short span of time. The fabrication of metal sheets and related services require finely finished shapes, dimensions and patterns. According to client requisites, our designers promote the metal sheet works adhering to the industrial standards

                        We manufacture GMP model tray dryers with a perfect inner chamber, temperature control and outlet. The design in this GMP model is static in size and patterns. The trays are made out of galvanized mild steel or aluminum or polypropylene. We make use of flame proof accessories to manufacture this GMP model tray dryer. These dryers are suitable for drying potato chips, chillies, pharmaceuticals, powders and plastic granules.

                                GMP model tray dryer are in high demand in the market place. We manufacture these non GMP model dryers using steam radiators, glass heat insulation, electric motors for driving fans and heaters safely, digital controllers for giving indications. These dryers are suitable for drying wood, chemicals, fish, onions, granules and confectioneries. The entire equipment is coated with gloss paint.

                                        •  Ladder with nylon wheels
                                        •  Ladder with pu wheels
                                        •  Mirror frames
                                        •  Motor guards
                                        •  mugs
                                        •  Nose mask & head covers Outer
                                        •  Nose mask & head covers storage cupboards
                                        •  Open type trolleys
                                        •  Pallets
                                        •  powder samplers
                                        •  scoops
                                        •  Scrapper storage cup boards
                                        •  Shifter mesh storage cupboards
                                        •  Sink over vied
                                        •  Sink with doors
                                        •  Sink with tables
                                        •  Sinks
                                        •  spatulers
                                        •  SS racks
                                        •  Status boards
                                        •  Status boards trolly
                                        •  Table with drawers
                                        •  topcovers
                                        •  Tray driers
                                        •  Trolley type containers
                                        •  Wash basins with storage tank
                                        •  Washing tubs
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water circulation
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water circulation outer
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water circulation vessel
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water inner
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water inner
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water top & inner
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water top
                                        • 100 L capacity hot water topcovers
                                        • Barrel top
                                        • Barrel with capacity 200Ltr
                                        • Bucket storage cup board
                                        • Chairs
                                        • Closed type trolley
                                        • Containar
                                        • Containar with level indicater
                                        • Continer trolly
                                        • Cross over bench with sliding doors
                                        • Cup board
                                        • Cup boards close
                                        • Cup boards open
                                        • DTM with push button & status board stands
                                        • Dust bins
                                        • Garment cup-board with acrylic sheets
                                        • Helmet stands
                                        • Induvidual lockers 18
                                        • Induvidual lockers 24
                                        • Writting pads with Stool

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